Answering The Most Common Salesforce Questions

Brett Colbert
3 min readAug 9, 2023

When I was IT CTO at Salesforce for many years, there were 3 main reasons that many customers were challenged in terms of maximizing their Salesforce ROI. Now, at Publicis Sapient, I hear exactly the same three challenges from our Salesforce customers:

  1. Salesforce Org — what is the current condition of my Salesforce org(s)? Good, bad, terrible? what needs to be addressed and how? how much tech debt do I have? what issues are critical?
  2. Salesforce DevOps — what should my Salesforce DevOps process be, including CI/CD? what are best practices? Does my Salesforce DevOps process need to be different than my other DevOps process or can it be the same?
  3. Salesforce Licenses — what am I licensed for? what am I actually using? what am I not using and how could I use it to maximize my Salesforce ROI?

Our Salesforce Digital Organization Framework is designed to answer these common questions.

Here’s the good news. When I moved to Publicis Sapient nine months ago, we created tailored, efficient offerings to answer these common questions. We’ve honed an approach that provides a quick, 5-day analysis and recommendations for Salesforce customers for each of these 3 common questions.

Here are some details on each assessment offering:

  1. Salesforce Org Tech Assessment — The build-up of technical debt is normal and happens in all companies. In the worst case, you end up with a fragile, accidental Salesforce architecture.

Our Salesforce Tech Assessment offering determines the condition of your Salesforce Org while using a mashup of three toolsets that provide a broad and deep analysis. The details of the specifically identified issues are then rolled up to a heat map (example below). We can do this in 5 days per core org.

2. Salesforce DevOps Assessment — Through a series of specific DevOps questions across 5 categories, we are able to…



Brett Colbert

Brett Colbert is Global SVP of Salesforce Engineering at Publicis Sapient. Previously, IT CTO at Salesforce. Previously NetApp, Cisco, McAfee, Disney & Intuit.